“Many challenges ahead” as UKGC ups ante on UK operators

There are “many challenges ahead” for UK-licensed operators and their affiliate programs, with the Gambling Commission’s (UKGC) new consumer protection framework now in implementation.

That was the view of Wag.io Founder Roo Wright, who spoke to Affiverse after the new framework came into place yesterday.

“The UKGC have drawn a clear line in the sand as to what is acceptable behaviour for all UK-licensed operators. This, in turn, will be passed down through the operators’ affiliate programs and require even greater scrutiny of affiliates properties to ensure that affiliates have the correct promotional materials and terms displayed in a compliant manner,” Wright argued.

“There are many challenges ahead for operators who run affiliate programs, and they will need to put the right technology, procedures, and human resources in place to meet this increased scrutiny, and I think those that don’t will be on the end of even harsher penalties.”

The UKGC will focus its new directive on two guiding principles, improving all-around industry advertising standards and safeguarding UK gambling consumers.

Furthermore, the planned requirements will make it easier for the commission to take action against, operators that break rules on advertising standards and consumer protections.

The new consumer and advertising conditions will force all UK licensed operators to:

  • Abide to existing/established UK laws and policy on advertising
  • Take responsibility of third-party marketing and communications – Affiliates, agencies, publishing networks etc..
  • Adhere to UK consumer protection standards
  • Implement a new betting/gambling consumer complaints process
  • Stop ‘spam’ advertising/communication practices.
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