Malta Gaming Authority cancels RMI Limited’s B2B gaming licence

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has officially cancelled RMI Limited’s B2B gaming service licence in the country after ruling that the operator has breached rules regarding regulatory payments and data provisions.

RMI Limited, which has been operating online poker site, PokerGrant under its Malta licence, was found to have been in breach of paragraph E and H of the Third Schedule to the Gaming Act.

In relation to paragraph E, the MGA said RMI Limited failed to pay in a timely manner due to the regulator, which included all compliance contribution fees, its licence fee for 2018 and additional sums owed.

The MGA also said RMI Limited failed to submit its January 2019 Player Funds Report and the relevant applications for the appointment of key functions. This therefore amounted to a breach of paragraph H, which requires licensees to make key data available to the regulator.

As a result, RMI Limited is no longer authorised to carry out any gaming operations, register new players, or accept new customer deposits.

However, the operator is required to retain and provide access to all registered customers to their player accounts, as well as refund player balances.

The MGA noted that RMI has the option to appeal its decision.

The ruling has come at the end of a week in which the MGA has established a new Sports Integrity Unit which has been put in place to increase focus and resources dedicated to preventing the manipulation of sporting events and competitions.

The regulator has also released new guidelines governing licenses advertising and established a new committee to ensure compliance with the new rules this week.

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