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Making sense of media buying numbers

As an affiliate marketer you are probably aware that social and media analytics alone do not hold much value. Although, if you understand them correctly there is a massive opportunity for you to gain a competitive advantage within the market. For years now, these social and media analytics have continued to amaze affiliate marketers, but many are still not using them to their full advantage.

To get more out of your analytics, you must be able to understand the ins and outs of this data in order to truly understand your customers and their needs. Understanding social and media analytics will also allow you to measure your performance and track your return on investment. In order to do this, firstly you must make sense of the media buying numbers.

What is visits?

The first number that you should look at in order to get the most out of your social and media analytics is your visits. A visit is a metric that is used to measure the total number of times someone navigates your website or social media account. A visit occurs when someone arrives on your page from an external source, such as a web search result or a social media page. As an affiliate marketer you should keep an eye on the number of visits you get, in order to see if your analytics are effective or not.

Should I care about reach?

The second number that you should understand as an affiliate marketer is the amount of people that you reach. Reach refers to the total number of people that view your content, whether it is on your social media accounts or your website. As an affiliate marketer you should care about the number of people that you reach. Reaching a large amount of people allows you to spread brand awareness and also gain new customers. Understanding your reach allows you to measure the success of your analytics and will help you to increase your revenue.

What are social engagements?

Once you are aware of the number of people that you reach, you should then look at your social engagements. As affiliate marketers the concept of social engagement is extremely important to us. It refers to how many people interact and engage with your account or website, and how often they do so. Social engagement is extremely important within social and media analytics, as it allows you to see if your analytics are successful or not. The average social engagement is between 2-3%, so as an affiliate marketer you should aim to reach this figure or higher if possible.

As you can see, making sense of the numbers within media buying is extremely important to affiliate marketers. There are a number of benefits that come with understanding these numbers, so make sure that you keep an eye on them.

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