Major League Rugby partners with Genius Sports Group

Top American rugby league, Major League Rugby, has announced a new partnership with the Genius Sports Group (GSG).

Genius Sports Group

GSG has been continuously developing and improving innovative technology to connect sport, betting and media together for several years. The Group ‘are a global leader in digital sports content, technology, and integrity services.’ Their tech is used in over 150 countries across the globe, helping enhance relationships form and their digital transformations.

It has come as no surprise that GSG has partnered with Major Rugby League as the Group are trusted by top partners worldwide such as the NBA and the Premier League. Essentially, GSG provides the foundations to which sport and tech can connect, driving revenue and fan engagement.

The deal

The partnership between both GSG and Major Rugby League will allow GSG to oversee the rights to deal with the League’s data surrounding sportsbooks. They will then be responsible for distributing the data and content across the U.S and the rest of the world. This is another huge step for GSG as it’ll bring them yet another trusted partner to add to their already wealthy list of clients.

Mark Locke, CEO of GSG has said that: “Our technology, real-time distribution and leading network of sportsbook partners will help to enhance engagement and connect MLR with new audiences worldwide.”

George Killebrew, commissioner of Major League Rugby knows that “there is interest in regulated betting on our matches and we have to take proactive measures to safeguard the integrity and transparency of our events.” GSG seemed to fill this role perfectly for the League.

For affiliates

As an affiliate, it’s always great to stay on top of recent partnerships as they’ll no doubt present some room for affiliate marketing opportunities in the future. It’ll be great to frame this content around GSG’s future plans.

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