Instagram Live Rooms – a guide for affiliates

Instagram is constantly coming up with new tools and features that can help to enrich the experience of their users. The latest is Instagram Live Rooms. Let’s take a closer look at these and how affiliates can make use of them.

What are Live Rooms?

Instagram Live Rooms are an extension of the existing Live feature. The latter allows for someone to talk directly to their followers through a video function, with the audience interacting through a live chat function.

This has allowed you to host one other person, allowing for a conversation between two parties, but Instagram has chosen to upgrade this again to allow for up to three people to join a broadcast. This would mean that there is four in total in the conversation.

Going live like this is a good way to attract a lot of attention all at once. Whenever you do go live, you will send out a notification to your followers to let them know. Even if they are just participants in the Room and not the host, those who will be joining you will also send out similar notifications. Therefore, you have a fantastic chance to gain exposure from groups of people that do not yet follow you.

How could affiliates use this feature?

One of the many ways that you could make use of Instagram Live Rooms is as a podcast. Podcasts are a great way to discuss certain topics and issues. Many affiliates and managers have their own podcasts where they can talk about their opinions and aspects of their business. It is a great way to educate your audience and teach them more about what an affiliate can offer.

While you could push out such a podcast through a service like Buzzsprout after you have finished recording, adding the chance to follow along live means that you could instantly attract a larger audience. With a traditional podcast, you need to promote it independently to ensure that you will get a viewership. With a podcast held through Rooms, it comes with a little promotion already built in for you, thanks to Instagram.

What to note about Rooms

At the moment, users are limited to just 4 speakers in Instagram Live Rooms. However, we might see that expand if this feature proves to be a success. Other apps such as Clubhouse which have a similar function allow over 10 speakers. We might see Instagram decide to implement a similar limit raise at some point.

You also need to bear in mind that a live also requires a video input as opposed to just audio. You might struggle to find people to join your Room initially as not everyone enjoys being on camera.

Instagram Live Rooms are available for affiliates and other users to make use of right now. This is an interesting feature that should definitely be explored, as you will be able to reach out to your followers while also connecting with people in your industry. Explore the benefits Instagram Live Rooms could offer you as an affiliate today!

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