Macau: Legalisation of online gambling considered

The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) has recently confirmed that they are considering legalising online gambling in this region. They are conducting a study which is also looking at the concerns associated with this kind of move.

Some concerns raised

Director of the DICJ, Adriano Ho has written to legislator Jose Pereira Coutinho who had inquired about this kind of legalisation recently. This was due to an opportunity to increase tax revenue through the legalisation of online gambling.

In the written response, Ho noted that while there are considerations being made, there is some cause for concern. Some have noted that legalising online gambling in Macau could lead to an increase in money laundering and problem gambling.

Open to proposals

While these concerns are warranted, the DICJ are still open to considering proposals. They have noted that they are optimistic about how they can develop the sector and ensure everyone is protected when they use these sites.

They are conducting careful studies, and these are set to continue for a while until an agreement is reached.

Should the studies prove that online gambling should be legalised in Macau, there will be some excellent opportunities for both operators and affiliates in this area. Macau is certainly a market to consider in the coming year should everything go smoothly.

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