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Live streaming in 2021 – what are the benefits for affiliate managers?

Live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is not a new concept, but it is one that many affiliate managers are not yet using to their fullest advantage. No matter what platform you are on, live streaming is a great tool that really allows you to drive engagement and push your program’s benefits.

A replacement for events

2020 saw the cancellation and postponement of many events that we were looking forward to in the affiliate world. In 2021, it would appear that we are seeing the same thing, and therefore we need to find a suitable replacement that allows us to reach out to new people, network, and pass on information.

Live streaming is the perfect alternative to use here, and it could be a great stand-in for you until you are able to get back to in-person events. It is even possible to hold private live streams through certain platforms if you wish to make it an exclusive event rather than one that is open to the general public.

In front of your audience

One of the biggest benefits of live streaming is that it is public-facing. Since it is live, you are going to be able to respond to your audience in real-time. They are going to be able to post questions and concerns to you that you will be able to answer then and there.

This can be far more effective for driving engagement than traditional video marketing (though you should, of course, also be making use of this where you can). Live streaming can also be considered to be far more personal than a traditional video. If you wish to promote your platform as an inclusive and friendly place for your affiliates to work, deciding to live stream and gather everyone together every now and then is a great idea.

It doesn’t matter if you are presenting an actual topic for them to learn or you are just having an informal chat, this is a great way to do it.

No fancy equipment necessary

Though you can choose to use it if you wish, there is no need to have a fancy set-up with live streaming. With other video content, production value is a must if you are to get a good response from it.

However, with live streaming, things can be a little looser. You could even live stream just from your phone if needs be. It is an easy and accessible way to create content for your followers, and the stream can be recorded and uploaded to a channel after so even those who missed the initial broadcast can still benefit from it.

Live streaming is definitely a source of engagement that many affiliate managers should look into. It is a brilliant way to bring your affiliates together to learn and grow within your brand, and it can work wonders for attracting attention to your program too. Think about incorporating a stream into your content calendar soon!

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