LinkedIn tests paid ticketed events service

LinkedIn is currently testing a paid ticketed events service. The news comes as the platform unveiled a push towards original content and greater engagement for existing users last month.

The testing process

The employment-oriented social network is toying with the idea of allowing users to charge for virtual events hosted on the platform. If successful, it could become a substantial money-maker for both parties.

The test involves a small group of existing users but there has been no further information revealed on whether or not it will be rolled out on a wider scale in the coming months with the platform continuing to monitor results on an ongoing basis. If the move went ahead, it would build on the ever-expanding popularity of LinkedIn Events which attracted over 20 million attendees to a single event in 2020.

In a recent statement, LinkedIn commented on its success by stating: “We continue to learn from member and customer feedback and test new ways to improve the experience. As part of this, we are exploring options for payment in the Events product based on feedback from event organisers.”

A refocus on events

In recent years, LinkedIn has refocused on events and rolled out a number of features to enable existing users to do so. For example, 2018 saw the release of their in-person and online event planning service which was rethought and redefined in 2020 with the addition of livestreaming.

Earlier this year, it also provided hosts with the ability to advertise their events to the masses in an attempt to streamline the process of hosting virtual events online. The company is also said to be turning their attention to a number of brand-new features also related to events in the coming months.

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