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LinkedIn shares key insights from Spark Conference 2022

Networking social media platform, LinkedIn has released a series of insights taken from its Spark 2022 Conference, which was held earlier this month.

What is Spark?

The Spark Conference is an annual event designed to share advice on professional development. This was its second year. Its outline pinpoints three points of focus for the conference: “navigating a new world” out of the pandemic which has shifted the professional landscape, “your data-driven roadmap” to learn how to collect and read data, and “the relationship game” which offers tools from LinkedIn for the sake of networking. The conference can be streamed via LinkedIn Live and features high-profile guests including Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds.

What do the insights have to say?

Three areas of interest are outlined in the shared insights.

  • Build your personal brand

LinkedIn suggests using your LinkedIn profile as a landing page for your brand and designing it as such, by making your profile as complete as possible. But they also stress sharing quality content to keep your account active.

  • Grow your LinkedIn network

LinkedIn is offering tips on expanding your network, by making a habit out of connecting on LinkedIn, making use of InMails, and targeting connections with your top champion’s mutuals.

  • Know how to leverage data

LinkedIn also stresses its various data management tools, which allow you to better personalize your networking approach and multithread often.

These are just a few tips that were shared at the LinkedIn Spark 2022 Conference.

You can also find a full list of keynote quotes on the LinkedIn website here. We’ve still to see if the Spark Conference will be back for 2023, but given the success of this year, we can guess so. In the meantime, Affiverse also hosted a summit this year. Find all the details here.

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