Affiverse Summit

Brands, Affiliates, Experts, Networks and Sponsors … you’ll meet and connect with ALL of these at this year’s Affiverse Summit

The Affiverse Summit is drawing closer and it is time delegates begin to finalise their game plans!

Who do you want to meet here? We have gathered together some of the first talents in the worlds of affiliate and digital marketing. There is so much that you could learn here.

Whether you are tuning in to one of our interesting panel discussions, taking part in our paid Masterclasses, or just using the networking breaks to their fullest advantage, you will hopefully leave the Summit with some great contacts and a head swimming with ideas about how you can amplify your marketing in 2022.

So, just who will you be able to meet at the Affiverse Summit? We are hosting delegates from a range of companies from Hello Fresh to H&M to bet365 – and that is just the start of a very extensive list!

To start you off, here are some of the main companies helping to shape the Affiverse Summit into what it is, and where you will be able to find them!


Tipalti is a company that makes accounting software, and they are the only company globally to streamline all phases of payment management through their software. They are leaders in the fintech spheres, and they are working fast to create new innovations that could mean big changes across multiple industries.

They are sponsoring our Amplifying Marketing Strategies with Automation & AI panel at 13:00 on Day 1. You don’t want to miss this panel if you are interested in the immediate future of AI within online marketing, and what you can do to implement it in your own strategies.


Impact is one of the world’s leading partnership management programs. They handle affiliate connections across an amazing breadth of niches and verticals. If a company wants to be able to make a connection and then optimise that partnership to get as much as they can out of it, they will most likely go with Impact.

You will be able to catch up with two key figures from Impact in our panels. Alex Springer, Impact’s RVP for Sales and Solutions will be on the panel for Amplifying Marketing Strategies with Automation & AI and Florian Gramshammer, Impact’s Managing Director for EMEA, will be taking part in the Ecommerce & Retail – Loyalty + Cashback – Driving Incremental Value for your Business panel at 14:14 on Day 1. We can’t wait to see what insights they can bring to these discussions!


Refersion is a leading affiliate management solution that helps online shops track their sales through their influencers and affiliates. With influencer-driven sales growing every year, Refersion helps to connect the merchant with the right consumer via affiliates – and scale it efficiently.

Delegates will be able to hear Refersion’s founder and CEO, Alex Markov, speak in our Amplifying you Affiliate Partner Performance in a Fragmented Marketplace panel at 10:15 on Day 2. His expertise will no doubt add a lot to this discussion about channel growth and development. Refersion is also sponsoring our Mastering the Art of Social Selling via LinkedIn Masterclass – a 1-hour workshop on how you can use this platform to create the very best leads and sales!


Partnerize characterises itself as a partnership management solution that can be used by marketers across all verticals. Those who want to find high-quality and scalable connections to help drive their affiliate marketing are able to do so with the help of this platform.

Partnerize are our sponsors for the Amplifying you Affiliate Partner Performance in a Fragmented Marketplace panel! Speaking at it is one of their best – their SVP for Marketing Maura Smith! She has an abundance of knowledge on the progression of partnership channels, and her advice is always of the highest calibre.


CJ is one of the largest affiliate networking sites that helps to connect merchants with the right publishers. If a merchant wishes to launch their own affiliate program, they will be able to do so with the aid of CJ!

CJ is sponsoring two events at the Summit! The first is the Looking to the Future – Amplifying Partner Growth in 2022 panel at 09:45 GMT on Day 1. Speaking on the panel is Linda O’Connell, SVP for UK & Ireland for CJ! The second is the How to Scale your Affiliate Program Profitably and Face the Year Ahead with Focus Masterclass, where you will learn key tactics to help boost an affiliate program to new heights!


Of course, Affiverse will be here, there, and everywhere at our Summit! We specialise in helping marketers scale and reach the results that they have always dreamed of. Whether you are boosting your existing affiliate marketing program or launching one from scratch, we can help you to amplify it and take it to the next level!

Our founder and CEO, Lee-Ann Johnstone, will be leading the panels throughout the Summit, and will also be taking the How to Scale your Affiliate Program Profitably and Face the Year Ahead with Focus Masterclass. You will also be able to catch her and the rest of the Affiverse team here, there, and everywhere – so don’t hesitate to say hello!

Are you ready for the Affiverse Summit?

Things are gearing up and we can’t wait for the Affiverse Summit to get underway!

Are you ready to go? Make sure you get all set up YOUR BUSINESS CARD and set yourself to “OPEN TO NETWORKING”  in our virtual event platform so you can begin to build new connections.


AND…. If you missed out on registering this time for the Summit, don’t worry we’ll send you the highlights reel – all you need to do is REGISTER HERE!

We can’t wait to meet you next week at the Affiverse AMPLIFY Summit!

Whether you are networking, listening to one of our awesome experts, or picking up innovative tips and tricks in our paid Masterclasses, there is so much for you to enjoy!

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