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LinkedIn is expanding into podcasting with their new network

Ever the social media platform for business networking, LinkedIn has launched its own podcasting network that could greatly aid B2B marketing.

LinkedIn is wading into the ever-increasingly popular platform of podcasting by launching a network of industry professionals offering constantly updated deep dives into their respective topics.

Listeners will be able to reach LinkedIn’s extensive catalog of original content on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and any other audio provider you use, to reach a range of podcasts on topics like getting started on your next idea, minorities in business, and getting over anxiety.

What is LinkedIn saying?

It seems there is even more available than just some interesting listens. Listeners can also engage with these industry experts in a number of ways, allowing for a chance to extend the conversation and get some personalized advice.

A statement offered by LinkedIn said: “Hosts will continue to engage with listeners – existing ones and new ones drawn from LinkedIn’s global community of 810 million members – through posts, videos, newsletters, LinkedIn Live events, and more. Just navigate to your favorite podcasters’ profile and click Follow; super fans can click the bell icon and always get updates.”

Why is it relevant to marketers?

This is LinkedIn after all, where you can gain business insight and make connections simply by logging on. However, the content on the LinkedIn Podcast Network is designed to offer deep dives into key professional trends with insights from external experts and internal staff for an all-rounded approach.

This could be useful for the sake of B2B marketing, where companies can learn what will make their businesses innovative and present that to the client.

Add to that the fact that there is a wealth of business information available on the podcast network, which could be applicable in B2B and B2C industries. Take a look at the podcast today to see for yourself the useful advice from industry peers.

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