Lifland Gaming: Customer education is key for affiliates

Formed in 2002, Lifland Gaming has gone onto build a considerable footprint within the online gaming space, now utilising offices across Latvia, Estonia, Malta, Spain and Lithuania.

The group has already confirmed its attendance for the Affiverse Bootcamp next month, which will run alongside the Betting on Football Conference and will be attended by more than 100 sports betting affiliate entrepreneurs.

Elmārs Kuningass, Head of Affiliates at Lifland Gaming spoke to Affiverse about what the multi-brand online gaming company identifies as the perfect affiliate, as well as how he expects the market to evolve for affiliates in 2018.  

Affiverse: Can you outline some of the key things you look for in content provided by the affiliates?

Elmārs Kuningass: The most valuable affiliate partner is the one who not only provides traffic, but also educates customers and makes them feel comfortable with their choice.

AI: What tips would you give to affiliates that are looking to grow as strong affiliates on all platforms?

EK: Volume of traffic is only a small part of being great affiliate, the main thing is to have unique content that customers are following, this will lead to them trusting the judgement of the affiliate on where to play.

AI: How do you anticipate the affiliate market will change in 2018?

EK: I believe that “jungle” time is over and in order to succeed and survive in 2018 affiliates will have to be more professional, providing unique content and becoming a field experts as well as opinion leaders.

AI: Can you reveal some of the benefits for affiliates that partner with Lifland gaming?

EK: Partnership with affiliates is a crucial part of operators business. Lifland Gaming considers that it as a “two-way street” and we have to make our partners feel valued and happy in order to receive high-value customers. It is very beneficial to work with us because we offer:

    • No standard commissions
    • Personal approach
    • Monthly and quarterly performance challenges with valuable gifts

AI: What do you hope to achieve from the Affiverse bootcamp in March and can you explain the importance of this event to the industry?

EK: The main goal is to meet affiliates in an organised event which is more oriented on content and quality. To be in a closed, relatively small group where face-to-face with affiliates we can discuss future cooperation opportunities.


To find out more about the Affiverse Bootcamp, click on the banner below.

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