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LeoVegas to expand GoGo Casino into new markets

LeoVegas will launch its GoGo Casino brand into new European markets over the course of next year. The group announced this following a successful start to life in Sweden, where it launched back in March.

A successful strategy

GoGo Casino was the first brand to go live as part of LeoVegas’ Brands of Leo Strategy. Through this, it aimed to launch more localised products via its gaming platform.

In an online press release, Communications Director Hans Urhus said:

“In a few months, GoGo Casino has been able to put a strong footprint as a challenging brand among the Swedish gaming community. The number of players is increasing exponentially.

“The purpose of the in-house-developed, multi-brand platform is to launch more customised brands for each market. The high quality of games it has are designed for players passionate about gaming.”

LeoVegas in 2019 

Throughout this year, LeoVegas has been active in multiple iGaming industry areas. In particular, it has strengthened its stances on compliance and responsibility. Most recently, it joined the International Betting Integrity Association at the end of November.

The company has also reported positive revenue, which is in part due to its Swedish success with GoGo Casino. In Q3, it reported a 12% year-on-year profit increase. This totalled €88.2m ($97.6m), and came despite regulatory uncertainty in key markets. After this, the company’s CEO Gustaf Hagman said:

“Greater regulatory complexity in several of our main markets has given rise to certain short-term challenges but is also raising the barriers to succeed in the sectors which benefit established companies.

“We continue our efforts to execute our strategy of innovation, expansion and profitability.”


GoGo Casino is part of the LeoVegas affiliate program, which includes a number of its other brands too. Partnered affiliates earn a revenue share ranging between 25% and 40%, depending on how much value they generate.

As well as casino, affiliates can also promote live casino and sports betting products.

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