Lee-Ann Johnstone shares her thoughts ahead of the SBC Digital Summit

With much of the world on lockdown and in-person events impossible, the iGaming industry is doing what it does best – improvising.

One way in which it is doing that is by hosting digital conferences. While we’re not able to be together face-to-face, the power of the Internet means that we can still remain connected.

One way that is happening is with the five-day SBC Digital Summit, taking place from 27th April – 1st May. On the final day, our CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone will be hosting her own digital marketing masterclass.

Prior to this event, she shared her thoughts on the event and how we can adapt during this period.

Anyway, let’s get started with the interview.

Affiverse: What can people expect from your masterclass and why should they join?

Lee-Ann Johnstone: “This masterclass is going to help you optimise your outreach for new business. I’ll be sharing three key things you need to do and five that you can implement to ensure you are maximising your digital footprint during Covid-19 and getting new business done!

“Right now, it’s important for digital marketers to step out from behind emails and screens. This is the time to leverage your personal brand and help your business grow. Everybody is trying to keep things moving and audience engagement is key for this.

“The masterclass will give digital marketers from all corners of the field – whether that’s affiliates or SaaS companies – a few tips to keep producing getting inbound leads.”

AI: How do you think that users should approach digital conferences to get the most value out of them for themselves?

LJ: “I think that where possible, you should be at every virtual conference you can get to. Now is the time to be seen, heard and network like a pro.

“You need to keep visibility both personally and as a brand during these uncertain times. Making personal connections with partners and customers is the best way you can move your business forward during these times.

“Maybe even go a step further and participate in speaking at them too? If you want to start building relationships, you have to be willing to step forward and make the effort to learn more, do more, and be more innovative in your outreach approach.”

AI: In your opinion, why is now a vital time to invest in digital marketing?

LJ: “Maintaining a clear brand presence will keep you visible to your customers. And at the moment, this is one of the only things you can do to continue building new leads.

“Online marketing has been hit in some sectors. This is true with digital marketing too, but it’s still a cost-effective way to market your business – since everything is both trackable and transparent.

“I think that our industry will evolve and begin taking on more of the inbound marketing principles that other sectors do well. As affiliates and affiliate marketers, now is the time to automate and learn how to leverage your inbound and lead-generating channels. You also need to utilise your social platforms and content marketing to stay at the front of your audience’s mind.”

AI: Of course, nobody knows what a post-coronavirus world looks like yet. But how do you personally feel that digital marketing and consumer behaviours will change once this situation subsides? 

LJ: “Customers will be online more and look for better-value deals, as well as more engaging services. Spray-and-prey marketing tactics will *finally* die off, with personalisation becoming more of a focus. Understanding what your customer wants and needs will drive your marketing strategy forward.

“All of this applies to your affiliate marketing strategy, too. It is here that I’m testing a lot of what I’ll be teaching at the masterclass, to share the insights I’ve learned in the past few weeks – literally as I’m learning it.”

Lee-Ann’s digital masterclass takes place on Friday, 1st May at 3:30 p.m. GMT. You can register for the SBC Digital Summit and join us here.
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