Affiliate Spotlight: Werner Müller – LeadStar Media (Germany)

We sat down with Werner Müller, the manager of Leadstar Media’s German team, to discuss the company’s latest expansion.

AI: Can you begin by telling us about the improvements made to the German betting tips site

WM: So is a site that offers sports betting tips, reviews and the latest sports betting news. It has proven incredibly popular over the past year, so we decided that we were going to invest on updating and improving the site. The site has always had a community feel to it and I think this is why it has been so popular. This is why we added a lot of new expert betting ‘tipsters’ who provide their betting tips and talk people through their methodology. We noticed that these tips were great at starting discussions and engaging people. Sports betting is a bit of a taboo in Germany still, so this was also a great way to gain trust. We have also updated the graphics and the layout to improve the customer experience.

AI: In the UK and other markets we know Leadstar Media usually have two or three sites, is that the same in Germany?

WM:Yes, we have a number of sister sites. compares all the best bonuses offered by German betting sites. It is dedicated to punters who want to sign-up to a new betting site. We list all the best welcome bonuses, as well as reviews and information they may need when choosing a betting site. This site is a much more focused site than and we like that because it allows the latter to keep the community, more lighthearted focus.

We also have a site specifically for online casinos; I don’t think you need to understand German to work out what it does! This site, simply connects you with the best online casino suited for your needs. 

AI: When did you start at Leadstar Media and how have things gone since then?

WM:When I started at the office, we were only six people; now we are almost thirty. The growth has been exponential which is in part of course because we have great products but also because we have entered new markets at the right time. As soon as I saw what we were doing in the Scandinavian markets, I knew that our products would be a success in Germany, and I’ve been proven right. When I began I was much more hands-on, but now that we have grown so much, I spend most of my time managing the German team. There is still more potential to grow and now I am focused on seeing how we can provide even more value to our users.

AI: In what other markets do Leadstar Media have a presence?

WM:We are in all of the Scandinavian countries, the UK, Spain, the US, Brazil, Italy and India. We focus on creating a balance between local knowledge and our international experience. I manage the German team who works with the community of German bettors but I also work with other colleagues from all over who have more than a decade of experience in the online betting world.

AI: You say that betting in Germany is not as socially acceptable, do you think your new sites will help change this?

WM:Yes, it’s something lots of people can enjoy when they play responsible. By creating a taboo around it though people can feel that it is seedy. I want us to be a community where we allow people to feel alright about enjoying responsible betting. The online betting world can be intimidating as it is, so we want people to feel secure in finding the right betting site for them.

AI: Finally, how do you see the future of online betting in Germany?

WM:Things are slowly opening up, and Germany is a really attractive market for sports betting companies. It is a big, wealthy market, with a trusted banking system, what is not to like? I think all that it needs is for sports betting and online casinos to become more mainstream. Once people accept that it is ok to place bets responsibly, then we will see the market open up.

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