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Leading affiliate expects return of Premier League boost to betting sites

Leadstar Media, a leading betting affiliate with products focused towards the UK, Europe and even further afield has recently said how they expect the return of the Premier League will be a positive boost for betting sites as we head into the final quarter of the year. 

The UK Gambling Commission published its most recent report a few weeks ago detailing trends in data collected for the months of May, June, July and August. The UK body saw slight decreases in activity, particularly in July for both online sports betting and online casino. 

Jacob Ljunggren, Product Director at betting affiliate Leadstar Media believes that the published data adequately reflects responses to the closure of many worldwide sports earlier in the year, but also says the industry has a lot to be positive about going forward. 

“At Leadstar Media we run a number of online bookmaker comparison sites and the data we have collected for the UK and in other territories certainly concurs with the most recent figures published by the UK Gambling Commissions. However, it doesn’t tell the full story.”

“With data understandably lagging behind by a few weeks or even months it does not necessarily reflect what we are seeing happen in more recent times. Particularly since the resumption of many leagues and competitions across the UK, Europe and indeed the world from the late summer, we have seen strong figures return to a number of our sites”, says Ljunggren.

“In particular, our betting sites comparison page on Bookiesbonuses.com saw a measured increase in traffic with the return of the football leagues in particular throughout the summer, not to mention noticeable boosts elsewhere”, continues Ljunggren. 

With such a tumultuous year for the gambling industry it has certainly been hard to predict trends beyond a few weeks in a sector that can point to specific events in the calendar year with a relative degree of certainty and usually fixed well in advance. 

The popularity of the Premier League has certainly done much to give a warm boost of positivity across the online gambling industry as a whole and Ljunggren states with that, many operators and affiliates alike have a lot to look forward to. 

“Although it is hard to account for drops in traffic and revenue which were completely unexpected earlier on in the year, the return of many sports, especially in such truncated form over the course of the summer has been a welcome boost. Even now, we can see across our sites that now all the major European football leagues have returned, it has definitely aided increases in traffic to going into the final months of the year.” 

Even responding to any potential unforeseen circumstances Ljunggren remains positive: “If 2020 has shown us anything it’s unfortunately that you can’t necessarily prepare for the unexpected. Although some of the core components we pride ourselves on over here at Leadstar Media is the strength and relevancy of our products, as well as the constant desire to improve. We hope for the best in terms of active, live sport going into the future, and we’re happy to see that so far it looks positive for Autumn and winter months. Let’s hope it can continue well into the New Year and beyond!”

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