Lead generation in times of difficulty

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past few months, you’ll know that things are… interesting right now. 

Businesses throughout iGaming and affiliate marketing have been forced to think on their toes and look for opportunities in areas they may have previously not considered. 

As times change, so do strategies. Lead generation is one area where this has recently been applicable. 

We’ve been attending a lot of digital summits recently and learned a lot about both our industry and others. Here are some things we’ve learned about ensuring that your lead generation strategy is effective when you hit choppy waters. 

How has Covid-19 affected different industries?

Working from home has been difficult for some people to adapt to, but that is only amplified when you factor in a full house caused by partners having to do likewise and schools being closed too. (Digressing a little – if you’re still struggling with working from home, then check out our tips on maximising this). 

Some online users have also found themselves reporting more emails as spam, which might have something to do with the numerous bad sales strategies flying around the place right now. 

Let’s also state the obvious in gaming – the suspension of sporting events means that sports betting has felt the heat. Operators have found opportunities in online poker, esports and online casino. 

What are popular lead generation channels right now?

Email marketing remains a popular choice for brands in multiple industries. 

People are looking for ways to fill their time, with social media being one such ‘leisure’ choice. As such, it’s unsurprising that Facebook Ads are being utilised by a lot of companies. 

How can you stand out? 

Utilise social media channels that others aren’t. For example, you could try generating leads on Instagram instead of Facebook. Think about your existing demographics and where they’re likely to hang out. 

Consider their characteristics, too. Is the majority of your audience male and into sports? Maybe they will enjoy the ups-and-downs of poker, which are similar to following a team through thick and thin. 

Away from social media, consider other channels full stop. Push traffic, which comes from notifications created by data you collected, might be one beneficial and underused place to find your crowd. 

However you do it, be entertaining. People in lockdown have probably been stuck indoors for a while and it’s likely wearing on them a little bit. If you can bring some joy to their lives, they’ll appreciate it and remember you. 

What should you avoid? 

Just as with every other form of marketing, avoid spelling errors and misleading copy. The first makes you look unprofessional and the second is a great way to break consumers’ trust in you. 

Don’t get too aggressive with your approach, either. Quality is much more important than quantity. And the best way to get high-quality customers is through implementing a high-quality strategy. 

Tying in with the above, you need to know what your target audience wants. If you mainly deal with low-depositing bingo players, then offering bonuses that require a £100 minimum deposit is a waste of everybody’s time. Through proper research and asking your consumers directly, you’ll be able to cater to their needs better. 

Final thoughts 

There’s some truth to the overused cliché that tough times make tough people. You need to know a) how to adapt and b) be willing to do so when a storm arrives. 

Fortunately, not all hope is lost and this is a good test of how much you really know about your users. 

While we all have concentrated interests, it’s likely that these span into at least one other area. Sports fans may love sports, but they’ll also probably be intrigued by other forms of online betting too. 

Understand your site visitor’s key traits and where you can cross-sell. Once you’ve done this, you’ll stand a better chance of keeping them engaged. 

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