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Latin America: how can affiliates make the most of these markets?

As an industry, it feels like we’ve been discussing the potential of Latin American iGaming for a while. But this year, things might begin to move faster.

While we still await the full launch of Brazil‘s online gambling market, Argentina might begin to gradually open up too. Earlier this week, the City of Buenos Aires set a view of launching its own by Q4 2020. Although this legislation will only cover the capital, it’s hoped that further nationwide progress can stem from it.

As more of this region opens up, keen affiliates will be intrigued to know how they can make an impact. Some, such as Oddspedia, have already begun identifying ways to do that.

Here are some spots of inspiration for you to do likewise.

Providing unique experiences 

One of the best ways to improve brand awareness is by bettering fans’ experiences. Influencer marketing has helped with achieving this in the past and, with this seeming to be 2020’s buzz-term for iGaming, you can bet that it’s not going away soon. Partnering with local creators could add a new dynamic to your strategy by providing content that is both unique and interesting. In turn, this could be useful for helping to build an engaged audience.

You could also take inspiration from, who partnered with Argentine football club Rosario Central. Through this, they sponsored and helped to develop a matchday app for fans to enjoy for free. Their visibility increased as a result, while the brand also achieved in giving something back to the local community.

Partnering with operators that have done their due diligence

It’s not groundbreaking news that localisation is important, regardless of the market you enter. But that goes beyond just optimising your website for Spanish and/or Portuguese. When picking operators to promote, you need to make sure that they’re knowledgeable of the region too.

One such area that it pays to be well-versed in is the financial landscape. Venezuela’s financial turmoil is well-known, with its currency pretty much useless. Meanwhile, the likes of Argentina and Chile have suffered inflation-related issues in recent years too. And this is where cryptocurrency can play a role.

CoinGaming is one operator which has seen this as an opportunity, including both its and brands in its LatAm growth plans. Tim Heath, the group’s CEO, discussed this topic in an interview with SBC Magazine. He mentioned that there is an “increasing distrust in central banks”, along with citing the below figures.

“Around 70% of people across Latin America are either unbanked or underbanked; yet 64% own a mobile device.”

Since cryptocurrency offers a way to deposit and withdraw, it’s something that might grow in appeal as betting becomes more popular here. Keeping an eye on both gambling and non-gambling related trends will help you to pick better partners.

Final thoughts 

Latin America has a lot of room for growth, but the key is to start now and think outside the box. Oddspedia and CoinGaming both have one thing in common – they’re building a blueprint by providing value locally.

You should consider doing likewise, but through your own ideas. Team up with local influencers and agencies to discover what fans want to see. And then, once you have that knowledge, work with them to develop an effective strategy.

By doing this, plus studying local landscapes – both in and out of gambling – you’ll place yourself in a great position for success here.

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