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Latest Twitter verification update offers “Verification for Organizations”

In another launch concerning verification and the Twitter tickmark, Twitter has announced Verification for Organizations, soon to be referred to as Twitter Gold.

There isn’t a lot of information on the idea yet, as per CEO Elon Musk’s approach to feature launches. But we do have the description: “As a subscriber, you and your business will receive business accounts and affiliation badges through our self-serve administrative portal.”

So we do know that it is a subscription service again, rather than a verification process that is freely available to anyone who passes the checks to prove who they are. Because if at first you don’t succeed

This is the fabled gold tickmark. Not blue, or grey, but now gold, to ensure that your customers know that you are a brand to be taken seriously.

How much will it cost? No one yet knows. That’s a little surprise Musk has tucked up his sleeve.

Is it worth it?

Well, Social Media Today said: “Without the detail of the full Verification for Organizations package, it’s hard to say, but based on what info we do have, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be worth paying to maintain your official status on a platform that’s been slowly degrading over time, while it’s also allowing many extremists and conspiracy theorists that had previously been banned back on the app, which is probably not great for brand placement.”

On the other hand, the waitlist for Twitter gold already has a list of brands signing up for it. Some apparently think the risk is worth it.

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