LAC Preview with Oddsium MD Krister Malm

With the London Affiliate Conference (LAC) just days away, we caught up with one of the guest speakers to find out what we can expect from his 30-minute session. Oddsium founder and Managing Director Krister Malm will host a discussion entitled ‘A Holistic Approach to the Affiliate Model: How Oddsium Curates an Exceptional User Experience with Unrivalled Acquisition & Retention Performance’ at 14:30 this Friday.
Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing Oddsium and explaining what the firm brings to the affiliate space.
Krister Malm: Oddsium is a highly advanced and data driven, yet completely user focused and secure solution, offering a one stop shop for all the users needs regarding sports betting: an Oddsium account allows the user to register, login, bet, deposit and withdraw to/from all connected bookmakers, all in one app. We have been running the service on the Swedish market for quite some time now and are about to roll it out globally, and are seeking strong partners to co-op with.
AI: What can attendees expect from your talk at LAC? Why should affiliates sit in on it?
KM: My speech will be primarily focused on the importance of a good UX. Now, most people relate that only to a good interface, but we’re using big data and machine learning to continuously monitor, improve and actually tailor the experience to the end user. Why? Because since we launched this technology we see 100% conversion, without drop off from click to registration. As we are now about to let interested parties work with us on both white label and licensing basis, I think it would be absolutely foolish to miss out on seeing what we do and how the entire industry can benefit from our solution.
AI: Why do you believe data segmentation is so crucial to the affiliate model?
KM: How else can you know what to offer? Really! Looking at most affiliate solutions today, there is no realtime analysis, no follow up, no real monitoring or tailoring at all to the individual users or segments. This was one of the key reasons for our heavy focus on data management and machine learning – as we see how well we now convert users as well as extending lifetime value, it is evident that this focus was right.
AI: What can we expect from Oddsium over the course of 2019 and beyond?
KM: Apart from the global rollout that is in the works, we will heavily broaden our product (so far it’s been only football and only targeting Swedish users) to include many more sports, more data and diagrams to help the users understand trends and team performances, more bookmakers, more social networking, and support for even more platforms in addition to the iOS and Android solutions we have up and running currently. Oddsium aims to become the obvious go to solution for sports betting – essentially becoming the Spotify of the sports betting world. Technologically, we are already years ahead of all competitors, and we intend to maintain that head start.
We are currently in talks with some interesting potential co-op partners for certain countries and/or regions of the world, but welcome any interested companies with a strong local presence to discuss the possibilities regarding white labeling or licensing of our technology.

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