Kindred Group connects with Swedish community to help vulnerable young adults

Kindred Group has now joined forces with Swedish community initiative, in a move which will begin to develop and launch a new project which is aimed at helping socially vulnerable young adults in Stockholm.

Participants who are on the course, who mainly reside in the suburbs around Stockholm, will be able to learn more about programming while gaining an insight into the technology sector and also establishing professional networks.

Skills which are to be covered on the course include programming development, testing and database building, which come along with lessons on how to write a C.V. The course will then conclude with the creation of a work sample in which participants can use when applying for jobs.

Kindred will be hosting the course, in partnership with NU:Nolla Utanförskapet and it will be taking place at its Urban Escape premises in the Swedish capital.

Kindred Group’s head of communications, Alexander Westrell, said: “The opportunity to organise this project together with NU is both inspiring and exciting, the cooperation is a natural progression for Kindred in our sustainability effort.

“The response among our employees has been overwhelming with many expressing inspirational commitments to give back to our community, by teaching code.

“The tech sector is constantly in need of competent people. If we can ignite an interest in code and programming amongst these young adults and at the same time build their confidence, and increase the sense of team effort– that will be a win-win situation.”

Sanna Wolk, initiator and co-founder of Nolla Utanförskapet, added: “So many talented individuals are alienated growing up, and they often have a distinct feeling of not being wanted nor needed. This course, that we are organising together with Kindred, is an important step on the way to reach the most socially and economically marginalised areas around Stockholm.

“It will help to create a sense of belonging, as well as provide young adults from these areas with the necessary tools to engage in a career within the tech sector. The projects create opportunities for young adults as they establish themselves in the work force and opens many doors in terms of work and internships.”

This project marks Kindred’s latest corporate social responsibility effort, with the operator announcing its plans last month to display responsible gaming messages on the shirts of its brand 32Red’s partner football clubs during the course of the 2019-20 season.

The initiative will see responsible gambling messaging dominate all matches where two teams sponsored by 32Red play each other.

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