Better Collective provides makeover for

Better Collective, the developer of digital platforms for bookmaker information, iGaming Communities, and betting tips has come to give its flagship product, a makeover.

The site has now had a new state-of-the-art back-end structure created; allowing Better Collective to roll out their site across the US states in a much more effective way.

Jesper Søgaard, CEO of Better Collective, said: “Bettingexpert is a strategically important brand product for Better Collective, especially in terms of our partner relations and market penetration.

“The tipster community already holds a strong position in key European markets and with more and more states in the US opening up for online sports betting, building a new and improved version of our flagship product to meet the demands in the market has been a strong focus area for us.

“The improved technical setup now makes us able to effectively scale Bettingexpert across individual states which sets us in a strong position to grow our business in the market alongside our newly acquired US brands.”

In order to meet the demands of the global tipster community, the new interface of the site bas been based on focus group sessions, interviews and field studies. Since July 2018, the new site has been accessible in a beta version as a way to pre-test the new set up and data.

The new infrastructure of the site is made up of a series of Application Programming Interfaces (API’s). They are each dedicated to their own functions which include bookmakers, offers and tips – the latter down recently won the award for Best Affiliate Product Innovation at SBC Awards 2018.

The structure also allows to be more streamlined and adaptable as technicians and developers are able to scale out changes automatically across pages where the API is used.

Also, this makes Better Collective able to rapidly change aspects of the site to meet new compliance regulations, plug and play the APIs across other sites beyond, and provide the tipsters with a much faster product that enhances the user experience.

Shane Anderson, Senior Director, Content & Brand, at Better Collective, said: “The new is second to none. From a technical standpoint, the micro-service infrastructure, which is powered by our innovative APIs, will allow for us to rapidly scale and adapt our products.

“Also, the structure allows us to easily expand into new markets, such as individual states in the US, and integrate any new products. Most importantly, our tipsters will benefit from a much more pleasant user journey and more personalised content.

“They’ve shown their loyalty for so many years, and it is natural that we take steps to give them a cooler platform to play with.”

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