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Kim Vegas Casino launch – Harald Pia Q+A

We recently sat down with Harald Pia who has recently launched a brand new casino site – Kim Vegas Casino. We spoke about his inspiration for this site and what kind of opportunities there will be for affiliate marketing.

Find out what Harald had to say about his new site launch below.

Affiverse: Congratulations on the launch of Kim Vegas Casino! What made you go with Pop Art?

Harald Pia: “Pop Art presented a challenge to traditions by including imagery from popular and mass culture. One of its aims is to use images of popular culture in art, emphasizing the banal or kitschy elements of any culture, most often through the use of irony. We thought this was perfect for online casinos. Online Casinos are now part of the popular culture – and a little bit of irony is always helpful.”

AI: What do you think will attract players to Kim Vegas Casino and encourage them to return?  

HP: “We have a full-on marketing strategy which is focused on acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers, while also encouraging the re-activation of disengaged customers who have stopped playing somewhere along the way. Customer retention is just as important as customer acquisition, and given the fact that the cost of acquiring a customer is on the rise, it is becoming more important to develop solid customer retention strategies that allow us to keep our players fascinated and coming back to us.”

AI: Do you have any plans to create partnerships with affiliates?  

HP: “Kim Vegas Casino was created with the intention of offering superior gameplay, customer experience and player value on the market. Our innovative, personalised approach makes us confident that we’re on the right track, and we’d love to share our success with affiliates.”

AI: You’ve got some great promotions on there already. How do you plan to market these to get more sign-ups?

HP: “We are designing and launching marketing campaigns that wow our players and make them want to sign up. We offer the latest software, the highest level of data protection and customer safety.

Kim Vegas Casino also has a wide variety of timeless classic gaming evergreens as well as innovative and revolutionary new titles. With our highly competent customer support, we can ensure that everybody always gets the best possible enjoyment, security and advice.”

AI: What do you think makes Kim Vegas Casino stand out from tough competitors in the industry? Why should affiliates be interested in your brand?

HP: “We are a team of creative, authors, computer scientists, analysts and designers with years of experience in the gaming and online casino industry. We live all the latest casino developments, are in constant dialogue and understand the casino world in its complexity and their demands for exciting and supreme entertainment.

Our main goal is to satisfy our casino players and partners, to combine our vision with the best solutions and to touch the casino universe in the heart.”


This editorial was delivered as part of Affiverse’s Random Acts of Kindness Campaign.


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