DCMS launch online casino stakes review

As part of the Gambling Act review, the UK Digital, Culture, Media and Sport department (DCMS) will look into limiting online casino stakes. Ministers are set to consider if there should be limits placed on monthly losses by adding affordability checks into their operations.

Online casino inquest

The UK government and gambling authorities have been continuously tightening restrictions for operators over the past few years. This latest review of the Gambling Act will take place next week. The review was part of a pledge by Prime Minister Boris Johnson back in 2019 during his general election campaign.

It is expected that the review will be overseen by Nigel Huddleston who is the Sports Minister in the UK. The review will also discuss sports betting and sponsorship in this area.

Changes suggested

There are a few changes to this act that are expected to be discussed in next weeks’ inquest. This includes the enforcement of limits to players monthly losses. Ministers are also expected to look into the testing regime already in place for new gambling products. This could result in limits being placed on the wagers that can be made on these products.

Online and electric slot machines are also expected to be addressed with limits considered and maximum stakes cut. According to The Guardian, VIP schemes could also be tackled in this review.

Hopefully, the inquest will result in fair regulations for everyone. Both operators and affiliates should be prepared to make adjustments to their operations should any updated regulations affect them.

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