Kevin Slicker to lead betting operations at Newgioco

Newgioco, the betting technology supplier has appointed industry veteran, Kevin Slicker to a position which will see him lead its sports betting operations and business development plan.

In his new position, Slicker will be directing the US design and infrastructure of the supplier’s ELYS betting platform while also leading the Newgioco operations team build-out from his base in Oklahoma.

He will be working directly with developers in Europe to create a unique and land-based, US-facing sports betting solution for state lottery, casino, route operators and private operators.

Slicker has worked in the US sports betting market for over 30 years, where he’s spent the last 10 years as a consultant to sportsbooks, casinos and daily fantasy sports providers.

At present, Slicker is working with a number of US tribes in preparation for the legislation of sports betting in certain states and also serving as sports betting consultant for the Arena Football indoor American football competition.

Newgioco chief executive Michele Ciavarella said:“We are very pleased to have Kevin join our team in the US. Our strategic plan for developing our business in the rapidly growing regulated US sports betting market considered each state’s unique set of rules, regulations  and framework requiring a comprehensive multi-faceted team.

“Bringing Kevin on board should help enable Newgioco to execute on both our multi-pronged strategy and our reach throughout the extensive and dynamic US sports betting market.”

Ciavarella added: “Kevin is a highly recognized expert in the US bookmaking industry. We further expect that having a true bookmaker as a part of the U.S. strategic operations plan combined with his extensive industry experience could be a significant advantage over our competition.”

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