Catena Media begins first Mexican PPC Campaign

JohnSlots has begun its first PPC campaign on June 6, while Slotsia followed last week on June 10.

Google Ads opened for PPC for casino terms in Mexico in April, making it the first American country outside the US to enable Catena Media to test PPC.

Catena Media has said that if the initial campaigns prove successful, it will be launching initiatives with other products in Mexico.

Catena Media deputy CEO, Johannes Bergh, said: “We have communicated that going into new geographical areas is a part of our strategy,”

Christine Fava, head of marketing at Catena Media, added: “Mexico is the first American country outside the US to open up for PPC for casino, so this is a potentially huge opportunity for us.

“A completely new market means that there is little competition for each search query we want to target, which in turn means that prices are low.

“The Mexican market is also a great starting point for us because there are high volumes of searches related to casino.”

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