John Campbell talks Voice Search at the Digital Marketing Forum

John Campbell, Managing Director and Co Founder of Rabbit&Pork, recently spoke at our Digital Marketing Forum (DMF) at Olympia London, on the progression and evolvement of voice recognition and search, and how this technology is becoming more and more integrated within the world of betting.

While speaking on one of our panels, John also sat down with AffililateINSIDER, to give a more intimate personal account of his thoughts and feelings of the industry.

After being asked on his opinions of his talk on the panel, and his overall experience of the event, he was full of enthusiasm as he says, “It has been a great event, it’s great how open everyone is with giving help and advice within their respected fields”.

John also touches on how people will be able to begin to use voice search within the sports betting world, as he explains that punters will have the ability to ask search engines who will be the two scorers in the rugby World Cup, for example.

Including speaking on the uses which voice search will be perfect for, our speaker also delves into what the future holds for voice search and the gambling industry.

Be sure to see the full interview with John Campbell next week.

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