Jean-Claude Van Damme stars in new campaign

Belgian-born Hollywood actor Jean-Claude Van Damme is starring in the new marketing campaign, after having his contract with the online sportsbook and casino operator extended to 2022.

A vigilante for safe and responsible gambling

The advertisement will officially debut later this week on Belgian television, YouTube and other digital broadcasting channels. Van Damme portrays a humorous vigilante who wants to educate the customers of about the importance of safe and responsible gambling.

This isn’t the first time that Jean-Claude Van Damme has collaborated with the online casino operator. The actor initially partnered with the company back in 2019 to produce a series of advertisements. This marketing campaign had generated over 13 million views on YouTube alone, the company reported.

Jean-Christophe Choffray, Head of Gaming at, said this on the matter: “We are delighted to have Jean-Claude Van Damme on board to help us educate our players about responsible game play. Moderation is essential, and with this campaign Van Damme very effectively combines his talents and humour to get this very important message across to our players.”

Establishing as a prestigious online casino

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s affiliation with the online casino operator has helped to further establish the brand as prestigious in the iGaming industry. The company is the property of Casino de Spa, one of the oldest casinos in the world (having been established back in 1763).

After Casino de Spa obtained a licence to operate online casino games in Belgium, started to provide slot machines, virtual card games, and sports betting to its customers. The latter includes a variety of pre-live and living betting options.

With Van Damme contracted until 2022, the sportsbook provider is expected to grow from strength to strength.

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