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Jack Dorsey officially steps away from Twitter, paving the way for Elon Musk?

The story of Twitter’s fate trudges on, with Elon Musk’s plans to buy the social media platform put on hold. There has been no movement in the buying out of Twitter, despite Musk’s ongoing Tweets, but now another development in the Twitter saga has unfolded: Jack Dorsey is leaving for good.

This isn’t much of a surprise. The Twitter creator and former CEO Jack Dorsey has had a hands-off approach to running Twitter for a few years now, with the biggest move away from the company being his standing down as Twitter CEO in November of last year.

Then, he said that Twitter had turned into something he didn’t like and that he had no control anymore. Instead, he opted to perform as one of Twitter’s board of directors, appointing Parag Agrawal as CEO in his place.

And now it seems even that is over. Jack Dorsey is making a full exit from the company, effective immediately.

Jack Dorsey might not have liked what he saw at Twitter HQ, but it seems even Musk’s chaotic presence is too much for the former CEO, who is following a long list of disgruntled employees out the door, including, consumer product leader Kayvon Beykpour, head of revenue product Bruce Falck, VP of product management Ilya Brown, VP of Twitter Service Katrina Lane and Max Schmeiser, head of data science, amongst others, over the past two weeks alone.

Jack Dorsey wasn’t much of a roadblock to Musk, given his ongoing retreatment from the company, which he announced he would fulfill in May 2022 anyway, but it marks a change in the wind. The days of the spiritual leader who was trying to make a hub of conversation are expected to turn into “the free speech platform” helmed by the world’s richest man.

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