Is online poker a game of the future for the millennials?

Recently a man from Las Vegas Valley is one of the many plaintiffs who has accused a poker player of cheating them at a California casino out of thousands of dollars. Jeff Boski, the player who has accused an opponent, was told by all the locals, ‘Watch out for Postle, he’s the best’. This same Postle was recently slammed with a a $10 million civil lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court on Tuesday. With a huge 25 plaintiffs being listed, players who are included are ones who went up  against Postle at the Stones Gambling Hall in California.

The lawsuit has said that he has used electronic devices in order to cheat during broadcast games, this lead to him raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from fellow players.

With this being said, it could be understood that online poker now presents a better way forward for those who want to enjoy a fair game, with an equal chance of winning in comparison to fellow competitors versus more traditional live tournaments.

Postle’s recent winnings, according to the lawsuit, were not known to have been achieved by any other poker player over a significant time period. It describes the chances of his winnings being statistically “unfathomable in the world of professional poker.”

Established online affiliates sites such as Pokernews  and Top10BestPokerSites, offer some of the best online poker site reviews and information – which can be easily navigated, played and enjoyed by avid poker players. With limited ability to cheat, online poker could be the perfect way for millennials – who are continuing to steer clear from participating in traditional land based casinos to enjoy the thrill of the game.

VerStandig is heading up the lawsuit, after he sat down with 13 Action News in a discussion on what is on the table and how he believes Postle was able to cheat. The lawsuit alleges that a cell phone was used under the table by Postle, or there was a communications device imbedded in his baseball cap to cheat. VerStandig has said that he’s not basing these allegations on a hunch, but rather the analysis of statistics along with the review of the manner in which he played which is seen on camera.

“There is an avalanche of evidence that shows this gentleman was cheating and we can make that case,” says Verstandig. No word has been given if Postle has any representation yet, but 13 Action News has reached out to him for comment.

It will be interesting to see how the case proceeds and if this does have an impact on reviving online poker playing as a way to enjoy tournament play fairly.

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