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Is Musk trying to persuade affiliates back to Twitter/X with a new revenue program?

In a semi-surprising move, X has significantly lowered its bar of requirements to enter its revenue share program.

As reported by X News Daily, the bar for entry to join X’s revenue program was previously at 500 followers on the program (already quite low compared to the 100,000 TikTok requires), be subscribed to X Premium or Verification for Organizations, and 15 million post impressions in the last three months lowered to 5 million.

The latter is considered the biggest bar to jump over since it has often been reported that very few users are actually reaching that requirement.

However, this change isn’t likely to spread joy to those already part of the revenue program. Fewer impressions overall means fewer ad impressions, which overall lower ad revenue. With this relatively low barrier for entry, the more affiliates signing up for the revenue program means less revenue for everyone on a platform that is famously struggling to make any money.

Some have even theorised that it could make an already hate-filled platform even more so, considering that the app might be filled with hate-baiting content and simple (pointless) content with prompts for comment.

On the other hand, this can be good for affiliates looking to get back on Twitter/X who might have been knocked back due to the impression limit. Twitter may be having its troubles and may not be the best option for social media marketing, but if that’s where your demographic is, it’s hard to turn down the option of posting and monetising your content on the platform. Maybe with affiliates returning to the platform, users will return too? Could X  be restored to a better platform?

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