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Ipsos survey shows Dutch disinterest in iGaming

An Ipsos survey has shown that there is a growing disinterest in iGaming among the Dutch population, specifically relating to online gambling.

The survey

Having been commissioned by the Netherlands Online Gambling Association, the survey was conducted by one of the most infamous global market research specialists – Ipsos. The team recruited 1,004 participants to engage with the survey about iGaming. More specifically, the participants had to answer some questions about online gambling and what it means to them.

Ipsos is known for being one of the world’s most prestigious market researchers which is why it regularly conducts important research in a governmental capacity. The Netherland’s Remote Gambling Act is due to come into force today (1st April) and the results of the survey have been published just on time.

The findings

The survey found that around half of respondents said they did not know much about online gambling. This figure is quite startling considering online gambling is so popular in other countries across Europe. Approximately 5% noted they had not heard of online gambling before while 31% said they are aware of it but choose not to participate. The majority of respondents also said they had no clue about the Remote Gambling Act.

When putting the survey results into perspective, it seems that the respondents support limited advertising when it comes to online gambling. The limits on advertising will be seen with the introduction of the Remote Gambling Act.

For affiliates

Overall, there is a market in the Netherlands for iGaming. However, it is important to note that the majority of respondents believe online gambling advertisement is somewhat problematic. Therefore, affiliates should approach the Dutch market with care and keep this in mind for the future.

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