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Introducing Betovo: A New Face in Sports Gaming

Have you been looking for a fresh opportunity to drive more traffic and boost your earnings? Say hello to Betovo – the latest thrill for sports enthusiasts, now ready to electrify your platform.

Want to keep players hooked? Interactive challenges and fresh features set Betovo as a new standard in the 2024 gaming scene.

Aiming for higher earnings? Tap into lucrative commission models –high RevShare, substantial CPA, and flexible hybrids tailored for your success.

Why join the newest brand in the Boss Partners portfolio?

Success is better when it’s shared! Joining Betovo means partnering with a leader in iGaming innovation. Already trusted by thousands of collaborators, Boss Partners grants you access to exclusive tools and tailored strategies designed to maximise engagement and boost your revenue.

“The goal is to exceed what players and partners expect. Betovo is all about pushing boundaries and creating memorable experiences in sports gaming”, said Nick Watson, the Head of Affiliates of Boss Partners.

Act now and embark on this new promising adventure!

Get in touch with the Boss Partners team at [email protected] for an exclusive partnership.

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