InTouch fined £3.4m by the UK Gambling Commission

Multi-brand mobile casino operator Intouch has been added to the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) list of companies failing to comply with the UK online gambling rules. The operator was fined £3.4m will have to undergo an extensive independent audit at its own expense.

Regulatory action against InTouch

The British regulator has found the online casino company to have breached the Social Responsibility Code (SRCP) and Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP).

InTouch was notably found to have stated in its responsible gambling interaction guidance that the operator may allow bonuses to be offered for customers providing identification.

The operator has also been charged with negligence with regards to putting its customer interaction procedures and policies into action for seven of its customers – despite behavioural indicators of potential problem gambling. The Commission adds that the online gambling company had failed to use all relevant sources of information to safeguard and ensure effective decision-making when interacting with them.

Anti-money laundering failings

InTouch failed to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) rules as found by the British regulator. The company is deemed to have failed to take into account the risk associated with allowing customers to use a payment provider that acts as a crypto-currencies exchange.

Additionally, no diligence checks and critical review of the sources of player’s funds were conducted, constituting a breach of LCCP 12.1.1 stating “appropriate policies, procedures and controls” to prevent money laundering.

InTouch was also found at fault for failing to inform its customers in an SMS text about the minimum and maximum deposits or time limits for a bonus offer.

A team of independent auditors

In addition to the £3.4m fine, the operator has to appoint independent auditors at its own expense to carry out an assessment that the company is fully obedient to UK’s online gambling’s LCCP.

Commenting on the situation, Executive Director of the Gambling Commission Richard Watson says: “Through our challenging compliance and enforcement activity we will continue our work to raise standards in the industry and continue to hold failing operators to account.”

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