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Instagram to focus on video content – What this means for affiliates

The head of Instagram has announced that the platform has moved away from its image-sharing roots and will now be focused on four key areas. This will no doubt change much about the feeling of the app and the types of people currently using it. Affiliates are likely to have to get to grips with video content and other types of posts to be able to leverage the new algorithms in the right way.

What type of content is Instagram focusing on?

According to Adam Mosseri, the current head of Instagram, the company is going to be focusing on four key areas:

  • Creators
  • Video
  • Shopping
  • Messaging

This should help to bring them more in line with other video-based content platforms like TikTok and YouTube, allowing them to compete with them more effectively.

They are also going to be working on improving their existing algorithms to link users with the topics and video content that they might wish to see but are not yet following. Overall, the aim is to make the whole experience as immersive and as engaging as possible. Even more focus will be placed on video content, beyond what the platform already does with Reels, IGTV, and Stories.

How will this change the app?

These changes are likely to bring some major changes to the audience attracted to Instagram, and the types of creators who use the platform. It is clear that they are attempting to make a more entertainment-based platform that can actively compete with the others that are focused on video content.

As a result, we are likely to see an upswing in the number of users creating this style of content. No concrete plans have currently been announced, so it is likely to be a waiting game until we can find out more.

What affiliates can do

Just as we do not know what these plans will entail, so do we have very little idea as to when they are going to come into action. Therefore, the best thing affiliates can do is look into viable video content strategies they could potentially use for Instagram when these changes come about.

Getting to grips with Reels and the other video platforms on Instagram can lead to some brilliant content opportunities for affiliates. This is a chance to share expertise and insight in a dynamic and interesting format. Affiliates should always be searching for a new way they can pass on information to their audience, and video content could be the way to do it.

If this is a path that you wish to take, now is the ideal time to get started. Learn more about how Reels and other Instagram video formats work so you are in a good position when the new support is launched. Keep an eye open for any changes to Instagram in the coming months – the announcements at the moment may not have much to them but we could know more very shortly.

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