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Instagram testing expanded profile images

Social media platform Instagram is testing a feature that would allow users to view an expanded version of another’s profile picture. These expanded profile images could be viewed by tapping and holding said image.

This could potentially allow users to display more detail in their profile pictures than we would typically see. For affiliates, this could be an opportunity to create a further connection with their audience.

However, it is likely that these expanded profile images are likely to do with Instagram’s future integration of NFTs. Many profiles who have purchased NFTs then like to display these images as profile pictures. This would then allow users to maximise any interest they might have in this unique art niche.

Of course, there are many other communities on Instagram, and these profile images could prove to be useful to many of them. With interest in NFTs declining from general interest, it would be wise for Instagram to ensure that this feature is of benefit to many of their users and communities.

This is a way to add more details to a profile, just as we can see with Highlights and linktrees in bios. Affiliates should look into how they can make use of these new features – even if they are working in areas other than NFTS and cryptocurrencies.

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