Instagram Live launches Badges feature

Instagram has launched a new Badges feature across its Live video offering. Creators will soon be able to be paid and supported through Instagram Live with testing having already begun. This new feature opens up tons more opportunities for monetisation through Instagram.

Badges available to purchase

During a live stream on Instagram – viewers or followers will be able to purchase Badges. This will help them to support the creator financially. Badges come in a variety of levels from $0.99 to $4.99, allowing the purchaser to choose how much support to offer.

During the live stream, hearts will appear next to the purchaser’s name and they will their comments will be more visible. Additionally, the creator will be able to view a list of supports for up to 90 days after the stream.

No cut from Instagram yet

Instagram has stated that it will not take a cut of any revenue paid to the creators for a few years. This is expected to come in 2023, once the feature has been rolled out in more countries.

There is a help page for the feature which notes that Google or Apple take a 30% fee for in-app purchases of the respective platforms so this is something to consider carefully.

Rolled out in the US

This feature is just now rolling out in the US so creators and brands in the UK will have to wait a bit longer to make use of it. For affiliates, this tool could provide an additional source of revenue and is something that we should all consider carefully.

Affiliate managers should take note of the new feature and leverage it where they can.

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