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Instagram launches age verification tools in more countries

As part of a concentrated effort to further protect young users on the platform, Instagram is continuing to roll out improved age verification tools, recently launching new features in countries around the world.

Originally launched in the US last summer, age verification tools are now active in Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and a number of European countries.

When signing up for the platform, users will have to verify their stated age through one of several means. They can upload a government-approved ID, record a video of themselves, or ask someone to verify their age.

For the videos, Instagram is using software from tech company Yoti which can accurately predict someone’s age through video analysis.

According to Meta President of Global Affairs Nick Clegg, the system has proved effective, with 96% of young people attempting to lie about their age prevented from doing so.

Meta Comms Chief Andy Stone confirmed that Brazil and India would also have access to the tools, with launches in further countries in the pipeline.

The move comes as all social media companies have faced increasing pressure from governments and activist groups to do more to protect young people on their platforms.

These new tools should prevent underage users from accessing or being exposed to potentially harmful content.

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