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Instagram is integrating ads into its marketing API

As another option for paid ad placement on the social media app, Instagram is allowing companies to incorporate ad placements into its marketing API. The update allows third-party social management platforms to allow Instagram search ads creation. This offers another option to marketers for paid ads on the app, owned by Meta.

It’s an extension of the feature first launched in March of this year, that would allow marketing ads from brands to appear in users’ search results based on keyword research and search queries on the app. It also provides additional ad analytics to be integrated into brands’ social media management apps. There will also be the ability to fetch a preview of your ads before launching.

So, how does it work? Well, as Instagram’s Huan Wang explained: “The ‘Instagram search results’ placement option will be available via the current Marketing API endpoint you may already be familiar with, through the addition of the INSTAGRAM_SEARCH placement option. With this new addition, you will be able to update your app to enable your clients to create and preview ads in Instagram search results via API.”

This latest move is part of Instagram’s March announcement to better aid marketers in reaching people who are actively searching for businesses, content, and products on the platform.

Additionally, the app has launched Reminder Ads, which allow businesses to announce, remind and notify users of upcoming events or launches on the app.

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