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Affiliates are constantly being told about the importance of content marketing, for SEO and social media too. In this article we look at the latest trends that should be influencing your iGaming content marketing strategy. 

Appealing to a millennial audience

Millennials are a unique target audience. This consumer group is also typically the most active group of users online and they tend to have more disposable income for entertainment, they are typically aged in their twenties and thirties and therefore are a prime audience to connect to. 

So how do you get this demographic interested in your affiliate brand? 

The most important step is to ensure that your content is written mobile friendly. This means that your site design should be responsive, but the content itself should encourage your users to read it easily via a small screen or on mobile devices. Break things up as much as possible for them, if they open an article to be presented by plain, unformatted text, that’s hard to read and digest , they will simply bounce off your page. 

These consumers are primarily using their mobile device to discover content and very rarely opt for desktop browsing. 68% of 18 to 24 year olds spend most of their internet time browsing with a smartphone. Similarly 65% of those aged between 25 to 34 use their smartphone to access the internet most. If you’re site isn’t optimised or if your content is hard to read, they’ll go elsewhere. 

Make Sharing on Facebook easy

More of us get our content from Facebook now than ever before, especially those within the millennial age category. This is rapidly becoming a search engine, review hub and news outlet, all in one. Facebook is quickly becoming as influential as Google, which has prompted a massive debate over ‘fake news’.

These users don’t want news emailed to them, they want to see it organically in their feed because it’s curated based on their interests (They see what they want to see). This means you’ve got to create content that reaches them, with a title that encourages them to click through to site. The concept of social currency applies here, as you want to create articles that define your brand identity and leads to shares. 

The algorithm of Facebook is always changing, if you’ve only been paying attention to the Google algorithm, then you’re losing traffic. Can you really afford to lose these users to another affiliate?

Video content is booming – make sure you have some!

Open up your Facebook feed these days and you will be overwhelmed by video content, some good and some not so good. Major creators are all investing money in video creation, as they know it will bring them a new audience. We’re much more likely to pay attention and retain the information given via video too. 

Using these on site as well as on social media will help you to engage your users. This is good for your SEO and for you user experience too, identify areas on your site where you could show your users something, instead of just telling them about it. Using apps such as LEGEND or FLYER and even desk top tools like Promo to create short videos that explain your proposition and offer can really help increase your conversion.

Many affiliates tend to steer clear of video content, because they feel it’s expensive to produce. This doesn’t have to be the case though, as you can explore other ways to create an interesting multimedia experience.

For affiliates, this could be creating videos with tips for sports betting or reviews of the latest slots. It doesn’t take much to capture your screen and show off a high ranking slot game. 

Using demographics to your advantage

If you want to be able to appeal to a certain market, then you should tailor your strategy to suit that. A one size fits all approach won’t work as effectively as a tailored approach, although it may be more time consuming. Take the time to research your existing user demographics in Google Analytics, then figure out how you will appeal to them further. 

Think about the content that you want to see and be sure to keep up with the latest trends. Then, you will put yourself in the best position to appeal to your broader audience. While these practices can take up your time, you can make big returns by paying attention to the data. 

Take these tips and implement them into your content strategy. For more hints and tips to grow your affiliate business, book your ticket to AffiliateFEST now! 

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