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Impact of increased screen time on your affiliate program marketing

With a huge percentage of the population spending most of their time at home this year, affiliate program marketers have had to revise their strategies carefully. Figures suggest that screen time has increased, and more consumers are spending time on social media than ever before. As we start planning promotion and marketing strategies for 2021, it looks like digital advertising is the best possible route if we want to get the best results.

Screen Time on the increase

Many people would confess to spending far too much time using their mobile phone or laptop. However, with more people forced into lockdowns, screen time soared over the past year. Back in August, it was reported that screen time in lockdown saw UK adults starting at their devices for more than 40% of their day.

This figure was almost a third higher than the same period as last year, as you might expect. It is important to note that screen time doesn’t just refer to texting or the use of social media – it also includes streaming video content. Of course, social media screen time does make up a huge part of this, whether we like to admit it or not.

While only 14% of people in the UK and the US are concerned about the time they spend online, social media use has increased. According to reports, the average hours spent on social media by consumers in 2020 is set to hit an average of 863.8 hours (36 days).

Going digital

With so much time spent gazing into screens, it goes without saying that any affiliate program marketing strategies for 2021 should involve more digital advertising. People are spending far more time connected indoors and there really is no way of telling when this might change. We can’t afford to waste time on other forms of advertising, especially with the drop in marketing budgets and a lack of live physical events.

To go digital, you must consider all available channels. As we mentioned, the demographics of social media channels are changing, and we must stay on top of these. When you use multiple channels, you can achieve broader visibility for your affiliate program. However, this only works if potential affiliates are on these channels.

Use email marketing campaigns, try paid media where you can and really connect with affiliates using the tools at your disposal. New social media features such as LinkedIn Stories also allow you to give affiliates a behind-the-scenes look into your program – use this effectively. The iGaming industry has already benefited from the increase in screen time this year in terms of signups so you must do your part to keep everyone connected for longer.

Get planning

Before you even think about setting out your affiliate program marketing strategy for the coming year, you must look to engage directly via digital advertising. Screen time is at an all time high and while many consumers are actively trying to change their habits, further lockdowns are still going to be looming on the horizon.

If you have an engaged audience then you will already be halfway there. If not, consistency, value and unique content will get you there. Don’t let digital advertising opportunities fall to the wayside as this is one of the most effective ways to get noticed.


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