confirms SaaSquatch acquisition

Partnership management platform has confirmed details of its acquisition of customer referral software provider SaaSquatch. The move is’s fifth acquisition in the past three years, having previously secured deals with Activate, Affluent, Pressboard and Trackonomics.

Through the SaaSquatch acquisition, will integrate the company’s tech solution with its own platform, offering brands the opportunity to forge customer partnerships with access to an all-in-one management dashboard.

Building customer partnerships

Through SaaSquatch’s referral tech, brands can connect with customers on a deeper, more meaningful level. They can work with loyal customers, turning them into brand ambassadors.

With research revealing that customers are increasingly turning to reviews and seeking recommendations before making an online purchase, having customers speaking for and promoting your brand is invaluable.

Modern consumers are savvier and far more selective about the products they buy and the services they use. For brands, this means establishing ideas of trust, legitimacy and authenticity is paramount. One of the most effective ways to do so is to encourage customers to promote your brand and the products you sell.

With SaaSquatch software, brands can distribute rewards among customers who complete certain actions. These actions include: making purchases, completing forms and engaging online.

How will the SaaSquatch acquisition benefit

Through the SaaSquatch acquisition, will introduce a range of new features to its platform, giving brands and program managers a number of new opportunities to optimise and streamline processes.

Marketers will be able to build fully automatable programs that can target consumers at various funnel touchpoints. The flexibility and versatility of the tech means brands can motivate customers to take a number of actions, such as activating accounts and signing up for free trials.

Customer rewards can be customised and personalised to match the unique preferences of each individual. Through the use of third-party integrations, these rewards can include things like cash, credit, discounts and gift cards.

Brands will be able to build full referral experiences for customers, using an intuitive drag-and-drop building tool or HTML/CSS to customise programs and ensure they meet business targets and objectives. Furthermore, new widget tools allow customers to engage and interact with programs at key touchpoints.

Finally, marketers and affiliate managers can now streamline programs through workflow automation. This can include everything from referrer identification to payment processing.

In conclusion…

For any modern business, establishing trust among consumers is vital. Today’s customers actively seek out reviews and recommendations. Ensuring your brand is being promoted by consumers can take your business to the next level.

By acquiring SaaSquatch, and integrating its tech solutions with its management platform, will now be able to offer brands and marketers new ways in which to harness the power of customer partnerships. In addition, the automation capabilities of the software will allow managers to save time, leaving them free to focus on other areas of their business.

This is an exciting move for The company’s fifth acquisition in three years further establishes the firm as a leading provider of partnership management solutions.

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