iGB Affiliate London: Boost your affiliate business with a #SelfiewithLee

Well, it’s been a busy weekend putting in the final prep for a busy week in London! At iGB Affiliate London, I’m setting myself a big goal – meet over 100 people.

And I don’t just want your help, I also want to help YOU. That’s why we’ve got a new competition for you – #SelfiewithLee.

Why do you want to participate? Or let’s rephrase, why do you need to participate? Because there are plenty of exciting benefits up for grabs.

What can you win?

If I select you as the competition winner, you’ll get £2,000 worth of advertising. But that’s not all – I’ll also give you a personal ‘power hour’ of FREE consulting with me to help you grow your affiliate business or affiliate program revenue. (There’s a lot I can do in an hour, believe me!)

How can this time be used? Well, here are just a few ways.

  • To talk about your affiliate business;
  • Strategise your affiliate program growth;
  • Set new targets for you and your business;
  • Grow your revenue.

In short, I’ll help you get things done. Sounds great, doesn’t it? And since you don’t need to do much, there aren’t any excuses to miss out.

How can you enter this competition?

Very simple. All you need to do is meet me at iGB Affiliate London and get a selfie with me. Then, post it on your social media channel with the hashtag: #SelfiewithLee.

At ExCeL London, I’ll be at Stand Q13 with Affiverse. If I’m not there, then you can find me in one of the conference rooms discussing affiliate marketing. Perhaps another reason for you to join my ‘Africafilliates‘ session, at 12:30 p.m. in Room 1 on Thursday? *Hint, Hint*.

Looking forward to meeting you all next week and having my picture taken with you!

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