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ICE London and iGB Affiliate London events postponed until 2022

A decision has been made to postpone the ICE London and iGB Affiliate London events until 2022. The two events usually take place in the same place, and were due to happen at the end of 2021’s June.

Instead, the two events have been postponed to February of 2022 by ICE’s co-ordinator Clarion Gaming.

The managing director of Clarion Gaming, Stuart Hunter, said: “The soundings we’ve taken and the ongoing conversations we are having with exhibitors of all sizes across both events have shown continued and significant uncertainty about the year ahead. Exhibitors have expressed a desire to put the experiences of the last 12 months behind them and instead focus their collective energy and creativity into making the 2022 editions into memorable in-person celebrations.”

Instead, fresh efforts are being put into the iGB Live! event which is due to take part in Amsterdam in September. It is hoped that this will be an expanded event much enjoyed by operators and affiliates of the iGaming community alike.

Many brands and operators in the wider industry have spoken out in support of this decision by Clarion. Though ICE London and iGB Affiliate London are two events that many enjoy, it is clear that the ongoing COVID-19 situation makes a big in-person event such as this unfeasible.

Together with the planned autumn events, this decision to postpone until next year is a sensible one, and it means that we might see bigger and better events greeting us in the future.

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