IAB Europe backs data protection with TCF update

European-level industry association for online advertising IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab have revamped its Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) after putting the framework up for public consultation back in April. 

The TCF was originally launched in Q1 last year in a bid to support the digital advertising sector in addressing compliance obligations under the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive. The framework was intended to act as an industry-wide solution for companies that want to access and process the personal data of individuals. 

“We are confident that the changes will increase the transparency and choice provided to users who want to continue benefiting from content and services that they would otherwise have to pay for. For agencies, industry standards are a vital instrument to ensure consistent implementation, oversight, and application of policies and technical specifications across borders,” said Tamara Daltroff, director-general of The European Association of Communication Agencies.

After gaining an array of feedback from over 55 organisations – including Axel Springer, The Guardian and The Telegraph – TCF 2.0 is hoped to support management of consent and compliance to encourage industry standardisation. 

“Even though TCF 2.0 addresses some of the concerns outlined by the ICO back in June, it is clear that something must be done to overhaul the real-time bidding industry and management of data. Businesses are searching for a first-party data driven future where customer trust is central to business growth. We all know that this will take time given the level of fragmentation across the industry, but rather than shooting down progress let’s continue to co-operate and support the steps the IAB is taking,” said Ian James, CEO of SBDS Group.

Publishers utilising the framework will be able to gain a better grip on how they integrate and collaborate with their technology partners.

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