Affiverse CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone nominated for Affiliate Industry IDOL Award

Affiverse founder and CEO, Lee-Ann Johnstone has been nominated for an iGaming IDOL Affiliate award.

Lee-Ann’s hard work creating and developing Affiverse service propositions as an Agency, Event and Training business has paid off with a nomination for the Outstanding Contribution to the Industry award.

As iGaming IDOL put it: “With over 20 years experience in the iGaming industry, Lee-Ann Johnstone has founded a boutique performance marketing agency Affiverse, helping to meet  the knowledge gap for new affiliate program managers coming into the industry.

“She has particularly identified the lack of progressive learning, training and mentoring available to key stakeholders in the space, which propelled her to draw upon her extensive experience to create a platform that delivers expert insights and teaching to digital and performance marketers worldwide.

“With an admirable dedication to affiliate marketing, combined with an engaging creative approach, Lee-Ann and her agency have rapidly become the premier destination for marketers looking to build a career in affiliate marketing and learn about the best practices for success as well as the latest trends.

“Among some of her more notable accomplishments are the creation of the certified Affiliate Management Performance Program (AMPP), which has provided training and support to affiliates and over 100 + affiliate program managers, and the Affiliate Marketing educational podcast, which has generated over 135,000 downloads since its brief creation in 2019.

“This young, astute, vibrant leader has also been recognised by Forbes and Drum as a Contributor and inaugurated into the Performance Marketing Association Board as a member of its executive board.”

As a testament to her contributions, Tim Heath, Founder of The Yolo Group said, “Lee-Ann and her team are a powerhouse in the affiliate marketing industry and have helped deliver clear strategies, consistent revenue and a tactical program & plan that drives performance and brand. Affiverse’s agency team is skilled and professional – delivering complex migrations and program marketing projects on time and aligned to our budget. They are a joy to work with and go highly recommended.

“Lee-Ann is helping the industry and the world do affiliate marketing better. Her outstanding contributions to the Affiliate Marketing space make her a brilliant candidate for this award.”

Nominations are now closed and we will find out if Lee-Ann has won her award on November 30th with the iGaming IDOL awards taking place in Malta later this year.

Find out more about iGaming IDOL here

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