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How Will the New Google Discounts Search Feature Affect Affiliate Marketers?

Google plays an incredibly important role in the digital ecosystem. It is a key marketing channel for businesses and is a primary route through which customers can connect with brands. How has the recent news of a new Google discounts search feature affected affiliate marketers?

The Feature in Detail

Around 46% of all consumer product searches begin on Google. It would appear that the company is looking to tap into these figures and has announced details of a new Google discounts search feature that is set to be rolled out.

When a user searches for ‘shop deals’ in Google, they will be able to access a brand-new portal where they can browse a huge range of discounted products. Users can also search for specific deals by including the name of a product.

As part of the rollout, previously viewed offers will now be displayed to Chrome users when they open a new tab, allowing them to pick up their product browsing from where they left it.

In addition, users will be able to access a price insights graph, with information on product price movements over time. This will allow users to make more informed purchase decisions and ensure they are getting the best deal.

What Does this Mean for Affiliates?

Google is constantly making tweaks and adjustments to its algorithm and ranking system. It is critical that affiliate marketers stay on top of these changes, as they can have far-reaching implications for digital businesses.

However, this new Google discounts search feature marks a significant step forward for the company and is a clear indication that Google is looking to further establish itself in the ecommerce sector.

For affiliate marketers, this new Google feature will obviously be raising some concerns, particularly regarding the knock-on effect it may have on SEO.

When a user searches for ‘shop tech deals’, for example, they will soon be directed to Google’s curated list of discounted tech products, which could see a significant reduction in traffic for affiliate marketers who are promoting similar products and services.

If all search terms related to coupons and discounts automatically direct users to the Google deals page, this will certainly have an effect on affiliate SEO. Affiliates and publishers will need to monitor the situation and ensure they are prepared for the impact it could have on their businesses.

It’s a natural progression with the way Google cannibalises publishers – discount code and voucher code affiliates have long been targeted by the search engine, and with the release of Google Shopping, it gave the search engine access to more structured pricing and product data which then allowed to build Google Deals. As in many verticals, this could be the gradual degradation of both traffic and revenue for deal-based publishers. We long suspected that the was in the works, and it’s not surprising at all.says Rishi Lakhani, SEO Strategist, FastFwd.

In Conclusion… 

Any updates to Google’s software send ripples across the business world. This recent development is particularly significant and indicates a shift that will see Google become a shopping destination in and of itself, rather than merely a directory of destinations.

The feature is yet to be rolled out in full and is currently available in trial form for select users and in certain locations. As a result, the extent of the feature’s impact on affiliate SEO practices is yet to be fully understood. However, affiliates and publishers must stay on top of how the situation progresses so they can take action to reduce the impact on their businesses.

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