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How to make your social media content super shareable

Social media marketing means being very creative with your content to ensure that users connect with it. But what’s better is when users connect with your content enough to share it with other users for them to connect to.

Marketing research suggests that users are becoming more aware of advertisements on their platforms, which was the point when #ad was implemented and graphics were used to ensure users knew what they were looking at. But this has meant that marketers have had to change tactics.

It’s no longer the point to show content to a user and hoodwink them into watching an ad but make it clear that what they are watching is an advertisement that is worth the time they are giving to it.

If you are creating social media content, you will want to make it entertaining enough that users are engaging with it. You will also want to make it enough to ignore the fact that it is an ad as well as enough for users to share it with their friends. Have a look at our tips to make social media content entertaining enough to share

Make it useful

There are a lot of ways to engage your audience, and YouTube and TikTok trends prove that it doesn’t necessarily have to be funny for audiences to engage. And funny is difficult. A lot of people swing and miss at it.

These options include things like #oddlysatisfying, which is popular with cleaning products and DIY, ASMR like reading novel excerpts, or live streams of people studying alone in a room to not feel so isolated.

But the most effective one is to teach your audience something, especially on TikTok where a 30-second clip can make users feel like an expert in carpentry. If your content is something that a user can use in the real world, they’re likely to share it with others.

Stay relevant to your niche

If you have a niche product or service that tackles a certain demographic, keep your content to that demographic. Play to their interests so that they don’t disconnect when you post something that is out of left field.

Keep it visual

Did you know that articles with images between every 75-100 words get double the social media shares of other articles? Visuals are a fallback for content creators if the subject isn’t engaging enough for users to read an entire article. Don’t take it personally. Users have a short attention span and a whole internet to explore.

One thing that can help you is infographics. They get 3x the shares of any other social media content because they get across a good amount of information (that can often be useful) in a matter of a few sentences and graphics.

Use your storytelling skills

No matter the content format, everything needs a story. Our lives are built of stories. Even conversations are a matter of firing small stories at each other – because they evoke emotions. If you can tap into a user’s emotions, be it happiness, sympathy, or sheer curiosity, your users are likely to share the narrative with others.

Vine proved that a narrative can be expressed in as little as 6 seconds. So, get creative and depict your narrative in your words, visuals, and audio.

Mix evergreen and trending content

There is nothing wrong with tapping into the trends of the day, but they have a short shelf life. There is plenty of evergreen content you can make that will last forever when the trends don’t suit you.

Evergreen content can include reviews, behind the scenes looks, showing how your service operates, and how your products are made.

However, trends have their uses. They can get a lot of views and likes quickly. Plus, they will show that you have your finger on the pulse and know what your audience likes.

Always be original

Even if you are creating trending content, make sure to keep originality at the forefront of your thoughts. Put your own spin on any trends you see yourself trying. Don’t simply copy the same text to a TikTok sound, for example, but use the sound and create your own situation that it can be applied to. Like Elmo throwing a tantrum can be applied to when one of your team is caught eating something out of the fridge that isn’t theirs. Think of something unique to your team that your audience will understand.

Add a share button

And the cherry on top: add a social media share button. Make it as easy as possible to share your content with a button nearby of all the places they can share it to. The basics would be Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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