When it comes to boosting your Google ranking, you need to be looking at link building and how effective this strategy is. Of course, link building isn’t just about placing your link somewhere without any additional content, you also need to be considering the importance of contextual SEO and link building. For some people, this concept might be completely new.

Read on to hear more about contextual link building and how you can leverage it to boost your Google ranking for your affiliate site this year.

What is contextual link building?

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of contextual link building then you should know that this refers to links that are surrounded by a body of text. Contextual links are often placed within the content on your webpage with prime keywords that benefit the SEO. Interestingly, contextual links can result in lower bounce rates which is clearly a benefit for many of us.

The truth is that Google appreciates an enriched user experience and so if you manage to nail your contextual links, you can move up the ranks and land in the SERPs.

Try the guestographic strategy

Have you ever heard of the guestographic strategy? This is the process of creating infographics with useful and relevant information and having these appear on other sites. If you want to maximise this strategy, you should find sites that focus on the topic of your infographics. If they decide to share these on their site within their own content, you can easily create some backlinks and boost your contextual link building in no time at all.

Make use of content curators

To leverage contextual link building in your strategy, you should also try to connect with content curators. By connecting with the right people, you can ensure that your content is shared on a wider scale. It is easier to do this than you might think as you can use tools like Ubersuggest to find content relevant to yours. Just remember to approach the content curators with personalised messages and a creative approach.

Create newsworthy content

Any content that is deemed newsworthy must be relevant, timely and topical. If you are creating content like this, you are much more likely to see your links appearing on other sites. As long as a content creator shares, mentions or links to your content, your backlinks will get that boost they need. Make sure you are using the correct titles and staying on top of any industry updates that could be deemed newsworthy by authoritative sources.

Don’t ignore contextual link building

If you are thinking about shaking up your content strategy then you should start with working on your contextual link building practices. Think about how you can leverage this strategy to boost your Google ranking and you’ll be happy with the results. It might take a bit of practice but over time you’ll determine the right steps to take for your affiliate site.