How to Hustle #LAC2018 – like a Pro

Going to an affiliate event constitutes a financial and time commitment, but if you’re not networking effectively at these events, then you can be wasting both your time and money.  It can also be a little daunting if you’re more reserved. Networking like a hustler is key to getting results as it allows you to create valuable relationships and push yourself to the next level. We’ve got some top tips to get you through the next week during ICE totally gaming and the London Affiliate Conference to maximise your time on the showroom floor and ensure you’re meeting all the right people to expand your affiliate business

Target the Right People

In iGaming, most people know who’s who but if you don’t then scope this out beforehand. This is where you need to lurk on social channels to put faces to names. Look for people on LinkedIn or in industry magazines and decide who you really want to meet. Making sure you know who you want to connect with and what they look like will give you guidance at the event. If you have a shared connection then don’t be shy, ask them to introduce you. You’re there to talk with others and network, so be confident and put yourself out there to maximise the opportunity and meet as many people as possible. Connections help grow your business and you may end up making a few new friends too!

Make a Good Impression

This can be easier said than done, especially if you struggle with confidence, but this is something you can work on. Think about the way that you approach people, as there’s nothing worse in networking than being overwhelmed by people that only want something from you and aren’t really willing to share insight or give back to the commercial negotiation.  Come prepared, affiliate managers are looking to do deals – having your numbers and data ready for them to review could synch you a deal there and then. Think about what you can bring to the table too, don’t go in too strong with marketing yourself.Get to know people first before pitching to them, you can give them a rough idea about your affiliate programme or portal and gauge if they’re actually interested. People buy People not just numbers. Being forthright, and knowledgeable goes a long way towards making a good first impression.

Don’t Dismiss Anyone

Although you might not immediately realise an opportunity to work together, that doesn’t mean that it won’t ever exist. While you should keep your eyes peeled for those people you want to speak to, don’t disregard anyone else that you may meet. You never know who a person can introduce you to or what ideas they can give, if you dismiss that person you’re missing out on everything that they could offer you. This industry is built on relationships and referrals. So don’t be too quick to miss out on one yourself.

Get Personal

Creating a personal connection can help you stand out. After an event, we can forget some connections that haven’t created a strong impression. You’re like to speak with over 100 people across two days (at an affiliate event) You don’t have to go crazy with small talk, but making a personal connect can help you get remembered in a sea of sales conversations.  Small personal details to add to the conversation and help you stand out as after the event people will be more likely to remember you, because they know something about you. It could be a small comment about a personal hobby, which then reveals a common interest that you both have. It’s much easier to imagine yourself working with someone that you have this kind of connection with.

Always do a quick Follow Up

If you exchange business cards and contact details, then don’t be afraid to use them. If there’s an affiliate manager that you want to talk to then reach out ahead of the event. Remind them of who you are, where you met and then you can follow up with the business part. You can’t always wait around for other people to get in touch with you. The worst that could happen is that they ignore the email, as they’re not interested in the connection any longer. They might just help you reach the next stage in your business though, so nothing ventured nothing gained!

Be Proactive

If you’re planning on heading to an event then let people know! Attend the event on social media, share and reach out to others that will be there. While you may be afraid of looking too eager, a lot of people will appreciate your candour and attitude. There’s nothing to be lost by just doing your best in this regard, you might even stumble across that important relationship.

Being active in the iGaming space will get you an excellent reputation. People enjoy working with others that put in the same amount of effort, so you will most likely attract people with a similarly proactive outlook.

Share your Network

Being able to share your contacts and build them even further will bring you even further success. Most people in this industry will appreciate you bringing them contacts that are useful, which serves to get you an even better reputation. Over time, you’ll find that you know plenty of people within the industry and can help others to gain the connections that they need.

There are so many industry events out there for affiliates, so make sure that you’re actually making the most of them. If you’re looking for a great event to get to know others, then come to our Affiverse Bootcamp 21 March. It’s a fantastic place to make and build new business connections. Best of all AFFILIATES GO FREE!

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